The best basement dehumidifier of course should be safe. With over 6 million dehumidifiers recalled for safety issues in the USA alone it should not be taken for granted. A basement dehumidifier needs to work all day and every day even when you are at work.Often, it will either need an internal pump or basement sump to pump the collected water to a higher level where it can be drained away.


The issue is many people are using their basement as extra living space so floor space is a premium.This area has become usable living space decorated as the rest of the home.We use the dehumidifier to collect water in the air that attacks the basement furnishings and sometimes wall decoration in extremes.However, what happens if the pump on the dehumidifier or sump fails? What happens if the drain pipe blocks or kinks?These issues can cause water to flood from the dehumidifier itself ruining carpets and furnishings.If you don’t use continuous drainage then the solution is empty the water container every day.This time you need to take from your day to remember to do even during holidays.

Apart from flood risks there is the issue of physical space a normal dehumidifier takes up not to mention the noise it makes.Common compressor dehumidifiers make low noise tones that humans tend to find irritating.The air is from normal dehumidifiers is exhausted almost at face height when seated making & can pose a noisy irritation with wind, noise and a draught that can feel cool on the face & neck.

In the past 5 years over 6 million dehumidifiers have been recalled due to safety concerns.The biggest issue is that an item that generally states in most user manuals “do not use unattended” is indeed being used unattended.

Commercial grade products are designed to work all day and every day but in the past they have often been too large, noisy & simply too expensive for normal home use.

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