Yachting World selects DH1200 INOX / EPD50-PRO DryBoat as best boat dehumidifier

Guidelines on choosing a suitable dehumidifier for yachts at sea is the subject of the November issue of Yachting World’s Gear Tested feature. We are delighted that the DH1200 INOX / EPD50-PRO DryBoat has been rated as it’s top choice.

The Article
The article points out that anyone who owns a boat outside the tropics would benefit from a good dehumidifier. As colder weather arrives, so does damp -one of the constant enemies of yacht owners. The purchase cost of a dehumidifier is a fraction of what damp and mould damage will cost you.

Yachting World points out that unless you have a permanent crew armed with chamois leathers or can ventilate the yacht by opening a hatch (which isn’t generally possible during winter months when a boat is unused), then the only other option is to reduce humidity. This is where a dehumidifier comes in.

Yachting World prefers a desiccant dehumidifier, as they work better than compressors in cooler temperatures and produce warm air in the process. Having said that the DH1200 INOX / EPD50-PRO was on trial all summer. Desiccants are also more portable and quieter. They do warn about insurance policies and leaving a dehumidifier on for long periods of time. A massive point but you are safer with the DH1200 INOX / EPD50-PRO DryBoat as unlike the others it is commercial quality. Sophistication adds to the risk of failure so the simple, reliable mechanism of the DryBoat was the reviewers choice. Domestic dehumidifiers or a dehumidifier designed for home, need to be used in attendance. Use DryBoat if you are drying your boat for long periods unattended.

The magazine concludes that dehumidifiers are an essential investment to protect the interiors of a yacht over the winter months.

The article goes further and remarks that the DH1200 INOX / EPD50-PRO DryBoat has no need to empty the water due to the fact that moisture is simply vented away. No water to spill, hose to block and cause flooding or have to fashion a hose into the sink, eliminating the worry of water damage on the boat from the condensate itself. The in-built fastening feet allow secure anchoring of the DH1200 INOX / EPD50-PRO DryBoat even upside down or on a bulk head. It will not roll around on board. Additionally, if the power fails, the DH1200 INOX / EPD50-PRO DryBoat will just restart.110V option for the USA and Europe are available and both will work with square rectified stepped up 12VDC to AC domestic models.

Yachting World concludes it is “…superb….”

What is Yatching World?
Yachting World is a monthly magazine focusing on yachting and sailing that has been in circulation since 1894. The full article is in the November 2018 issue but the relevant pages can be seen. HERE.