dryfan® TECHNOLOGY means Water can go upwards

That is because no water is actually produced only a vapour. That vapour can be vented anywhere even vertically upwards

can be used all over the home

From basement to attic.  Ideal for bathrooms, bedrooms or even out buildings

use under the home in crawl spaces

Keep the air circulating around the space using a duct in or out to help distribute air




dryfan® Applications


Water can go upwards

Take care not to let any condensation in the exhaust that could form in certain conditions return into the dehumidifier down the exhaust

Differences with Inox or Pro versions


USA “Pro” & European “Inox”

All DH & EPD models are mild steel with tough epoxy paint finish.  The USA “Pro” versions & Inox units sold in Europe and the rest of the world are Stainless Steel.

Boats, Catering & Hygiene

Stainless steel models are often used in boating applications, for storing food & catering environments where the casing is more resistant to salt or cleaning with harsh chemicals. 

Typical Applications