TDZ80 8 Litre Desiccant Dehumidifier

220V supply 50Hz stand alone dehumidifier with 2.2 litre water container. Fuzzy logic electronic controls. Automatic louver. Laundry, Turbo and eco modes. Maximum water extraction 8 liters. Operating range from 4°C up 22°C maximum room temperature.

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Toyotomi TDZ80 by Ecor Pro


Ideal for use in the home.Like every normal dehumidifier designed purely for home use the dehumidifier should not be used unattended.

For general home or room condensation control.

8 Litre Desiccant Dehumidifier 220V / 50Hz
Free Standing under Toyotomi Brand

Plastic constructed with 3 levels of safety control (one more than most other manufacturer’s home dehumidifiers). Designed for occasional use.

Will dry down to +4°C/40°F. Can work up to 22°C/72°F for safety (Internal overheat cut out).

Plastic Inside & Out

Can be carried by one person & transported easily with the carrying handle.

Electronic controls, easy to carry water container, covered water container so no spill when transporting, visible water level

Ecor Pro’s research shows that the DH800 will be four faster at drying buildings at lower room temperatures than a traditional compressor dehumidifiers

Note, the safety cut out feature. Unlike nearly all other desiccant home dehumidifiers.The dehumidifier will rest every 2 hours to prevent overheating and stop working when the air temperature gets too high.

Should 247 drying be needed or unattended dehumidifier operation is a necessity, please use the DryFan® dehumidifier range

Note there are 3 other levels of safety in the Toyotomi dehumidifier that are also above and beyond the market norm.However, we always recommend where possible to use DryFan® dehumidiifers..

Features Explained

Toyotomi – A Japanese manufacturer of heaters and dehumidifiers that Ecor Pro have partnered with helping design both dehumidifiers and our engineers have also designed their latest range of heaters.

9 Litre Maximum – 8L/day (20 ℃ – 60% RH) Comparable to DryFan DH8XX models

Power Consumption – High 560 – 660W / Low 330 – 390W.  For better energy efficiency see DryFan° DH around 50% like for like better energy efficiency.

Simple Design- Perhaps the smallest 9 Litre desiccant stand alone dehumidifier in the market.

Dust Filter – The dehumidifier benefits from a simple nylon filter that is light washable.With care,it should last the lifetime of the dehumidifier.

Integral Water Container – 2.2 litre water container has a no spill lid and carrying handle that is balanced so that it is easy to carry the water to a sink or toilet to be disposed of.The container also has a window to visibly see the level of water in the water container.

Not the water produced should not be consumed as it will contain airborne particles & bacteria .It is sometimes used in appliances such as steam irons as it is demineralised.

On Four Feet – Anti scratch plastic feet.Ensure the unit is firmly on the feet and not tilted.The tilt switch on the bottom of the unit can be tripped by deep carpets but is a safety mechanism if the dehumidifier is inadvertently knocked over during use.

Carrying Handle – Easy to carry by one person. The handle can be folded away after use and quickly accessed again.

Humidistat – Built in humidistat with preset operational modes including Saving, Laundry & Normal.  “SEA” Fuzzy Logic Energy Control.  Smart Energy Acquisition – Our unique Fuzzy Logic controlled technology that has the power to learn the patterns and variations of the atmosphere that surrounds the unit

Saving Mode – can save 40% of the needed amount of power to keep the environment under humidity control.  It senses the ambient temperature and humidity level and different times and develops an understanding of when the unit should be working on high speed, low speed or simply just in standby mode.

Two Fan Speed Fan – A simple knob controls the fan speed

Water Full Indicator – A red light will illuminate on the control panel to show the water container is full and needs emptying.

Automatic Louvre – Swing function circulates air automatically as the air louvers swing.

Plastic Case -The hard plastic case is polished plastic with high gloss finish.  Can be placed in different orientations so can fit easily between furniture..

Weight 6.1 kg
Dimensions 32 × 21.2 × 47.6 cm
(L x W x H)-(weight)

12.6" x 8.4" x 18.7" – 13 lbs



Max Extract


Power / Plug / Cord length

620W, 220V, 50Hz, 2.7A / Yes BS/EU


EAN 4963505827625

Colour / Material

White/ Plastic

Duct Sizes

Not Applicable

Swimming Pool Ready


Humidistat Inside / Humidistat Option

Yes / No

Carrying Handle / Water Container / Power Cord Length

Yes / Yes 2.5 Litres / 2m

Fan Speeds / Sound

2 / 48dB

Operting Temperature

Plus 4?C to plus 40?C

Power Out Restart / Works From DC-AC Coverter

No / No

Airflow m3/hr

95 process


Polished plastic