110 Volts

We know safety is always the first concern.  We also know there are power limitations.  Below 15 Amps to cope with wind turbine needs.

316 Marine grade steel

Only Ecor Pro desiccant dehumidifiers are 316 marine grade stainless steel.  Suitable for  the wind turbine in the harshest regions of roughest seas.

Highly Compact

In any wind turbine space is a premium.  A highly compact range that is highly efficient.  Although smaller than other dehumidifiers they are highly efficient and powerful in benchmark test.

dh1200 dehumidifiers by Ecor Pro
filter holder desiccant dehumidifiers by Ecor Pro


If placed inside the wind turbine the filter should only need cleaning yearly with the general wind turbine service.   An additional humidity sensor plugs straight into the dehumidifier to allow you to keep the humidity level below 50%.   Throw away salt resistant filters are easily changed during service. 

Pressure neutral Drying

Larger models have the option of pressure neutral drying.  No need to draw outside air into the tower.  Two internal fans ensure that the purge air can be taken directly into the dehumidifier if needed helping both efficiency, performance and protecting the even more.   

dh1200 dehumidifiers by Ecor Pro